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  1. Comment left by Christine Glover at 07:06:52 on Dec 08, 2010

    Congratulations on a most inspiring website. What a great delight to an old headteacher like me to see that all the children and community are in such excellent care.

  2. Comment left by Mavis Tompkins, nee Dobson at 21:36:02 on Aug 14, 2011

    I attended this school in 1937, and would like to know if any school photo's are available, I still have the headmistresses acceptance letter.

    We have some photographs dating back from the 1930s, so if you contact us on (01536) 514240 we could arrange a time for you to come in and view them.
  3. Comment left by liz chambers at 10:34:21 on Aug 31, 2011

    I came to the nursery in 1955, lovely memories come flooding back each time I am there with my granddaughter Rosie. I'ts all so friendly and relaxed, I will always be grateful.

  4. Comment left by annemckenna at 20:27:17 on Sep 10, 2012

    i came to your nursery in 1953/4 have you any photos ,available my maiden name was anne drage d.o,b. 1951.

  5. Comment left by gwen woodward at 17:21:16 on Nov 11, 2012

    Hi My earliest memory is being taken by pushchair by my brother who was 7yrs old to this nursery in 1934, I was just over 3yrs old. My name at that time was Gwen Grossmith.

  6. Comment left by Vicky White at 21:38:03 on Jul 02, 2013

    I went to Ronald Tree in 1986-7 before moving up to Avondale school. I have a fond memory of excitedly skipping up and down the path each day, and of one day where I got so engrossed in playing that my mum was gone when I looked around again. I don't know if it's possible, but are you able to create a gallery of photos of past times for those of us who no longer live locally? It would be great to reminisce some more...

  7. Comment left by michelle morrow at 12:02:33 on Dec 08, 2015

    It seems Ronald Tree has long been a favourite for many over the years. My eldest daughter attended Ronald Tree in 2012, my youngest daughter is there now. It seems the same lovely atmosphere still remains after all this time. I think the staff here are fabulous. They have been amazing with both of my daughters. I will be a little sad when its time for my youngest to start school in September!!

  8. Comment left by Federica Bischeri at 15:10:43 on Jun 06, 2016

    We want to say thank you to all the staff in Ronald tree nursery....we are very happy and grateful how they are looking after our twins. We can recommend this very good nursery, the children are constantly stimulated and can learn lots of things.....well done Ronald tree! 👍👏👏👏

  9. Comment left by rachel weed at 18:52:06 on Jul 20, 2016

    I went this school in 1973/4 and l remember falling off the wooden climbing frame and getting took to hospital in an ambulance. Also we always had nap time as well. My children have all gone to this school first one in 1993 and the fourth one just left. When my 18 year old was there some of the other parents and me made story telling bags one of which the school still uses. It was and still is a fab school and l would recommend it. Thank you to all the staff for everything you have done xx

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