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Ronald Tree Nursery School is the oldest in the county and was given to the people of Kettering in 1934 by Mr Ronald Tree the then Member of Parliament for Market Harborough following a donation of £1000 intended to help support children in the town by providing a nursery school. Staff are very proud of this heritage and continue to follow the ethos of supporting and educating young children in the north of Kettering. Over the last 80 years thousands of children have passed through our doors - if you have memories of being one of those children, why don't you tell us about them by signing our guest book?
In 2007 we became an integrated Sure Start Children's Centre and Nursery School, but from 1 August 2014 Northamptonshire County Council brought all children's centre services in Kettering together.  Please contact Montagu Street Children's Centre on 01536-311030 for further details. 

Free Entitlement Nursery Places

We operate as a Northamptonshire County Council Local Education Authority Nursery, providing education for 3 and 4 year olds in the neighbourhood free of charge. The majority of children attend from the September after their third birthday for one year before continuing the foundation stage of their education in the reception year at Infant School. Where spaces are available children may be able to attend Ronald Tree Nursery from the term after their third birthday.  Demand for our places is very high so please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Children may attend each morning (8.30 to 11.30am) or afternoon (12.30 to 3.30pm) during term time or alternatively they may attend three morning (8am to 1pm) or three afternoon (1pm to 6pm) sessions each week (we recommend that wherever possible children attend either morning or afternoon to help them settle into a routine and so that they stay with their friends).
We are pleased to offer free entitlement care for 24 two year olds in our Teddy Bear Provision. Sessions are Monday to Friday either 8.30 to 11.30 or 12.30 to 3.30.  Please contact the nursery for further details.
Children who attend Ronald Tree transfer to the most of infant and primary schools in Kettering but the majority transfer to the Kettering Buccleuch Academy, Park Infant School and St Mary's Church of England Primary which are close by.


Additional Hours and the 30 Hours Free entitlement for Working Parents

We offer a range of extended services to parents including; breakfast club (8am-8.30am), lunch club (11.30am - 12:30pm), afterschool club (3.30pm to 4.30pm) or extra sessions up to full childcare 8am to 6pm. Where there is sufficient demand schemes may be run during school holidays. Please ask at reception if you are interested. All additional hours above the free entitlement are charged at a core rate of £4 per hour.
Where parents meet the government criteria they may access their 30 hours free entitlement at Ronald Tree Nursery School.  Please talk to us about what hours you need. Parents must obtain a valid code and before the funding period period begins in order to qualify (ie by the 31st August to qualify between 1st September and 31st December).
Children with a Hearing Impairment

Ronald Tree Nursery Schools has offered specialist provision for children with a hearing impairment for over fifteen years and our staff have a wealth of experience in helping these children to reach their full potential; hearing impaired children are fully integrated with the other children in the nursery and have access to the same opportunities whilst being supported by specialist staff and other professionals to meet their individual needs. These children may be taken from outside the catchment area.


Qualified Teaching Staff

The nursery staff team is led by the head teacher, Karen Sharman supported by a qualified Teacher and Early Years Practitioners, who are known collectively as Key Workers. Early Years Assistants complete the team providing additional general and special needs support. The children are put into equal groups reflecting age and gender and then allocated randomly to the staff. The particular key worker will then be the person who will record development throughout the year, and will have special daily contact with the child and family but all staff will support all children depending on their needs. All the staff employed in the nursery are qualified to a minimum of NVQ Level 3 and receive regular training and updates.  All staff have CRB/DBS enhanced clearance. As part of the Northamptonshire Nursery Schools Partnership we also offer training and support to others in the early years profession.
We accept registrations from birth for children in our catchment area, listed below.  If you are interested in registering your child please contact the nursery (see the contact us page for details).

Catchment Area (all streets are in Kettering)
Almond Road
Avondale Road
Aster Road
Balfour Street
Bath Road
Bath Lane
Birch Road
Blandford Avenue
Bluebell Close
Bonham Court
Briar Road
Browning Avenue
Burghley Street
Burns Road
Byron Road
Cambridge Street
Canon Street
Catesby Street
Cecil Street
Cedar Road
Centre Parade
Chaston Place
Cherry Road
Clarence Road
Club Street
Connaught Street
Cornwall Road
Crown Street
Dahlia Road
Digby Street
Eden Street
Edinburgh Road
Eskdaill Street
Exeter Street
Gorse Road
Hallwood Road
Havelock Street
Heather Road
Holly Road
Ivy Road
Jasmine Court
Jasmine Road
John Clare Court
King Street
Kingsley Avenue
Kipling Road
Laburnum Crescent
Lancaster Road
Laurel Road
Lawson Street
Lime Road
Lindsay Street
Lobelia Road
Lupin Close
Maple Road
Masefield Road
Milton Court
Mitchell Street
Morley Street
Myrtle Road
Neale Avenue
Nelson Street
North Park Road
Orchard Crescent
Park Avenue
Park Road
Primrose Close
Princes Street
Regent Street
Rosewood Place
Rutland Street
Salisbury Street
Scotland Street
Scott Road
Shelley Road
Spruce Court
Stamford Road (odd no.s)
Street Andrew Street
Swinburne Close
Sycamore Close
Timpson Close
Tresham Street
Viking Close
Walnut Crescent
Weekley Glebe Road
Weldon Street
Wellington Street
Wood Street
Wordsworth Road

Parents of 3 and 4 year-olds may claim up to 570 hours free entitlement per year the entitlement may be claimed at more than one setting but the maximum you may claim remains 570 hours per year. Claiming more than your free entitlement is a fraudulent offence unless you are entitled to the 30 hours.

Details of our current charges for additional hours over and above the free entitlement can be found in Daycare leaflet or under our charging policy. If you have any queries please contact us